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Professional tuned files for chiptuning

What is chiptuning?

Chiptuning is to adjust parameters in the engine control unit (ECU). Modify the software in the ECU to deliver improved power, torque and fuel efficiency.



Why chiptuning done?

Car manufacturers set the parameters as to suit the standards in all countries. Cars are made in series, so the controller settings reserves that can be used to improve performance. This chiptuning uses. Perform editing software with regard to the life of the engine with 20-40% increase in performance for all turbocharged diesel and petrol engines (turbo) and other engines without turbo up to 10%. You can also achieve reductions of up to 15%.



Why chiptuning from our company?

We use professional equipment through which we can set all the necessary parameters to obtain the best performance / consumption while maintaining the life of the engine and its components. Always adjust the original software of the control unit using a professional editing program WinOLS from the German company EVC.


How the car behaves after modification?

The main benefits include improved flexibility of the engine, because the car more responsive to the accelerator. Acceleration and the onset of torque is reflected at low engine speeds. This ensures greater driving comfort and reduces shifting. It will also increase safety when overtaking when it is necessary to use the maximum power of the engine.


After adjusting follow:

- Ensure regular oil change.

- Periodically replace the air filter at every oil change.

- Restrict still driving at full speed.

- Not use extra power when the engine is not required temperature.

- Limit the frequent starting off at full power.

- Prolonged driving motor and let the turbo cool down.

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