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Delete diesel particulate filter (DPF,FAP)

Perform electronic removing particulate filter. Professional editing software control unit turns off the filter function. 

What is diesel particulate filter?

diesel particulate filter (english DPF - diesel particulate filter, french FAP - filtre a particules) is a device that is intended to capture particulate matter in the exhaust combustion gases and increase the emission clean diesel vehicles. The first began these filters fitted to vehicles automaker Peugeot / Citroen, over time, then joined by other automakers, including our most popular Skoda. Previously, these filters first as optional, later became a compulsory part.


How filter works?

The filter device, which in itself picks up dirt wandering after combustion in the cylinders through the exhaust, so as to get out. At the moment when the control unit with pressure sensors evaluate the filter is not clogged, filter regeneration process is activated when the temperature increases exhaust and filter content at very high temperature combustion process goes further. This system significantly helped achieve emission reductions and to meet increasingly stringent standards of the European Union.


Negative effect filter

The only positive aspect of the filter is just improving emission standards. On the other hand, however, comes a series of negatives. The filter is another obstacle in the exhaust system, which prevents the exhaust flue gases freely go away. This of course reduces the car's performance. Over time, the extra filter clogs. Depending on the vehicle so sooner or later the time will come when the filter needs to be replaced, which is an investment worth approximately 500 - 3000 euro.

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